To all DDMT friends and supporters

Last October Anthony Dalzell wrote to let you know that the Trust was expected to be brought to a close in June - the letter is reproduced below for those who missed it. The purpose of this message is to confirm that the Trust will close at the end of June and to let you know that the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. address will end on 31st May but for a limited time mail will be forwarded to the private address of the Trust Secretary.

You should know that in early 2020 the Distribution Committee sent funds, so generously donated by you, to Fisher House, the home from home for soldiers receiving medical attention at the attached Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham, Waterloo Uncovered, Kartforce, Team Endeavour and Aerobility. These are all trusted beneficiaries who send great feedback and the range covers the DDMT objects of providing help for care and support for veterans as well as challenge and opportunity. Once final bills have been paid any remaining funds will also be donated to similar deserving and qualified beneficiaries.
We write to let you know that, after nearly ten highly successful years, the Dalzell family and the Trustees have decided to close the Trust. The purpose of this email is to let you know why they made this decision and to thank you for all the support you have so kindly given over the years.

Colette and I created DDMT because we wanted to give something back to injured service men and women and their families feeling that this is what Dougie would have wanted. We have been overwhelmed with the enthusiasm and support the Trust has received from so many over the years, especially from Dougie's friends. Close to £1,000,000 has been raised and distributed to worthy causes - service men and women who needed help. Now that the incidence of military casualties has -thankfully - reduced and the young helpers, who have been crucial to the Trust's success, face the increased pressure of growing families and demanding careers, we decided it was time to "draw stumps". I have also always felt that, if the Trust is to be dissolved, it should happen when it is strong and flourishing. The Trust is indeed strong with major funds in the bank.

We expect that operations of the Trust will continue until June 2020. Meantime it will run normally, making donations to qualifying military beneficiaries. Sadly, we have decided not to hold this year’s Carol Service but plans are under way to hold a 10 year Memorial Carol Service in 2020. Some of the Trustees are also keen to continue holding the annual golf day and it is expected the next golf day will take place in April 2020.

DDMT would never have reached where it is without your generous support and enthusiasm. We are hugely grateful and very much hope we will be able to keep in touch.

Very best

Lt Dougie Dalzell MC Memorial Trust - Second to None