Soldiers in Mind July


July has been a relatively quiet month for Soldiers in Mind. In addition to providing the Unit Welfare Officer training we have  ensured that every family we support has been put in touch with the British Legion Inquest Support team to benefit from their expertise as they go though their inquests.


As always any contributions to Soldiers in Mind are much appreciated and all ideas as to how we can raise a bit of extra money to continue providing therapeutic items are gratefully received.

As seven of our families will be attending FAB (Families Activities Breaks) holidays during August, Soldiers in Mind and the DDMT  have allocated monies to FAB in order to support and recognise the beneficial experience this charity brings and will continue to bring to our families.

Bereavement work

The number of bereaved families to whom SiM provides support continues to increase as Battalions become more familiar with what SiM can provide and witness the impact on families.  They are consequently referring families who may have been bereaved some time ago so that they too can benefit from this unique level of support.


We are continuing to provide training to therapists located all over the UK, and indeed the world, with a therapist in Australia recently having been recruited!

The Unit Welfare Officer training on Loss and Bereavement continues to be well received.  Feedback reveals that the topic warrants more than the few hours currently allocated, so we are looking to develop a more comprehensive course for those who need it.

Planning Ahead

Over the course of the next month we will be finalising our model which will account for all the new activities in which SiM is getting involved.  We are also starting to look at developing a more comprehensive training course for Unit Welfare officers.


Although the support that our families receive is currently being enhanced by organisations such as FAB and the British Legion, Soldiers in Mind continues to play a direct role.  As well as co-ordinating these additional orgnisations, through the extensive training material we are developing we are ensuring that other people able to assist, such as Unit Welfare Officers and therapists, are given as much support as possible to do so.