9 July 2011 The Great Kindrochit Quadrathlon

Robert Snuggs reports on the Great Kindrochit Quadrathlon which took place involving a mile swim, 15 mile run, 8 mile kayak and 35 mile bike ride.

Both teams were successful, with Timbo & me finishing joint 40th out of a field of 300 after a gruelling 11 hours and 20 minutes. Jules and Gus came in close behind at a fraction over 12 hours. Having barely slept due to a combination of nerves and our mattress deflating during the night we rose at 5am for a light breakfast and a warm up. The latter deserves special mention as it involved us stretching and lunging to classic tracks such as 'Jump Around' by House of Pain, dressed head to toe in our wetsuits. Panic levels were soon high as we stood shivering in the Loch anxiously awaiting the starting gun. After a refreshing 1 mile dip it was on to the Munroes. The 'plateau' that was meant to be after the first 1,800 meter assent never really materialised, and we realised to our horror that there would be a lot more 'ups and downs' than we had anticipated. The 15 miles quoted on the organiser's website is only applicable if you are a crow. The relief at seeing the kayaks at the end was swiftly dashed when both pairs discovered quite how bad they were at steering them straight. The only boat Timbo & I overtook during the 8 miles had capsized 50 meters from the end. We all agreed that we would not be taking up kayaking as a hobby. Then it was onto the bikes for the final 35 mile stretch. Every time we got to the top of a hill our legs and minds were praying that it was the last. Thankfully there was a fish & chip stand half way round which served as rocket fuel for the remainder.

To date the boys have raised an incredible £14,000. A fantastic achievement by Robert, Tim, Jules and Gus