9 November 2012 Literary Evening


Minnie Machale, Carolyn Tomalin, Janey Marsh and Colette Dalzell organised the Trust's first literary evening. After a great deal of organisation and team work, the evening began with drinks and canapes in a beautiful barn, endowed with home-made red poppies, located outside Stockbridge and owned by the very kind John and Ruth Paterson.

Cosmo Cardozo kindly played the piano whilst everyone mingled! There was a never-ending supply of delicious canapes to ensure that no-one went hungry during the talk.  Robbie Donaldson, one of DDMT's trustees, opened the evening with a round-up on DDMT news including other DDMT fundraising events and recent distributions.  

Patrick Hennessey then took to the stage in great style.  Without hesitation or a single note for reference (!), he kindly spoke for half an hour telling the audience about his time in the army, his work and his views on Afghanistan, charities and soldiers.  
After which two armchairs decked the stage in the barn and were the perfect setting for an interview with the author Robert Harris, carried out by the BBC Senior Correspondent, Robert Hall. Both men were terribly relaxed and professional and it resulted in a fascinating talk about Robert Harris' works, political opinions and past.  

The Trust is very grateful to all those who attended the evening or gave donations and to everyone who was involved and helped make the evening such a success.  DDMT is very pleased to inform all that it raised just over £6,000.00 during the evening!