Nick Dew finishes Ironman Wales

The triathlon bug is a powerful one and since being bitten by it at a sprint tri in 2010, every year has seen me move up to the next level. Not because I'm any good at any of the disciplines but because it's damn good fun. Inspired by the fact that Dougie was one of the fittest people I know, I thought what better way to raise money than have a go at something big. So this year I decided to have a go at an Ironman, specifically the one in Wales. Some say it's the toughest in the world; of course I completely agree! It rained like hell for 3 hours of the bike ride meaning downhills were treacherous after the many ascents. The countryside and the crowds however made it something I shall never forget. What I wish I could put out of my memory is the hill on the run that needs to be scaled four times covering a total vertical climb of 2600 feet after a hilly ride.


Regardless of the hills, it was one of the best days of my life not least because of the support I had around the course in all the villages and towns of Pembrokeshire; there was a moment when things were pretty bleak and I didn't want any more to drink or eat, but I had to when I thought of a conversation I had with Dougie about how good life was and that genuinely perked me up and got me round what was a really tough day out!


I am extremely grateful for everyone who kindly sponsored me, raising money for and Parkinson's UK via If you're out and about in Rutland you might spot me on my bike which has been stickered with DDMT logos so I feel like a true sponsored athlete.......................