6 February 2013 Speed Dating

The Speed dating evening organised by Jo and Hannah on Wednesday 6th February was a huge success.

40 singletons descended upon Maggies on the Fulham road where they were immediately presented with a large brightly coloured cocktail to calm the nerves. After half an hours mingling Jo explained the rules and the games began.

For those that have missed out on the delight of speed dating, here's how it works: the girls station themselves at different areas/tables around the room and the boys move around. Each couple then have a precious two minutes to wow one another with their witty repartee and make an impression before a whistle blows and they are whisked off to the next in line. Everyone is armed with a pen and sheet of paper listing the names of all participants on which they must put a tick next to the people they would like to see again/ask on a date.

The next day our very own Cilla (Jo), with a little assistance from Hannah, sent emails to all the couples who were a match and it was over to them to make the next move.

Everyone really enjoyed themselves all evening, some so much they didn't even make it to work the next day, and countless dates have happened or are in the planning ... watch this space!