3 April 2014 Alexander Hanbury, aged 17, is walking Coldstream to London for DDMT

On 3 April,  Alexander Hanbury aged 17, will set off from the town of Coldstream, one of England’s most northern towns. Fourteen days later, he plans to reach Wellington Barracks in London to raise funds and awareness for DDMT.   Please visit Alexander's Justgiving page to support him on this incredible journey.

Alexander's challenge will require an average of around 27 miles of walking a day through the heart of England.  Despite a love for the outdoors Alexander is fully aware this will be a massively strenuous task and require a huge effort in planning and performance!

Alexander is a pupil at Dougie's old school, Radley College, who wishes to join the Coldstream Guards after University.  In undertaking this walk he is following the route of General Monk when he marched on London in 1660 to aid the Restoration of the Monarchy.  The group of men with General Monk became the Coldstream Guards; Dougie's Regiment.

Alexander has told the Trust that it was the daily sight of Dougie's portrait at school that inspired him to undertake this incredible challenge to raise money for the men and women DDMT support.  If you too wish to support please visit Alexander's Justgiving page.