May 2014 - Flying for Heroes Launches with grant from DDMT

The Dougie Dalzell MC Memorial Trust are delighted to announce they have made a £15,000 grant to the Flying for Heroes project, as it sits firmly in the ‘adventure rehabilitation’ field to which the Trust has donated with such success in the past.  Flying for Heroes (F4H),  is a project similar to Walking with the Wounded, recently shown on ITV with Prince Harry accompanying the team.   The aim of F4H is to paraglide, with 8 wounded soldiers, 1000 miles across northern Africa from Mt Kilimanjaro to Mount Kenya in the North.  

 On Wednesday 30th April 2014 Andy Jennings and James Broderick represented DDMT at the launch of Flying for Heroes at the In and Out Club (Navy and Military) in St. James's Square London.

                                          Andy Jennings at Flying for Heroes launch

Andy Jennings with F4H team members, Rory Mackenzie, Cayle Royce and Neil Laughton.

Apart from the flight elements, part of the mission will include the team driving support vehicles. They will traverse the Rift Valley and other impressive and challenging landscapes including deserts, lakes, savannah, jungle, rivers and mountains. During their three week expedition the team will sleep in the bush, surviving the environment as well as dangerous wildlife including big game, snakes and scorpion.

The expedition is being led by Neil Laughton and Alex Ledger (in A Social at Radley with Dougie). To find out more about this amazing adventure and/or to sponsor, visit Flying for Heroes website.