July 2015: DDMT supports WIS to join Waterloo Uncovered

Waterloo Uncovered is an archaeological project set up in this 200th Anniversary year to explore the battlefield of Waterloo.  It is remarkable that very little work of this kind has been undertaken hitherto but now ground has been broken in a former wood that dominated the French Army's approach to the Hougoumont farm buildings which were defended by Regiments including the Coldstream Guards.

The project will be managed by top battlefield archaeologists led by University of Glasgow's Dr Tony Pollard and the dig will be supported by serving soldiers and wounded (both physically and mentally) veterans from all three services.  The non-injured are included in the team because, as well as supporting the injured, the project aims are to educate and aid transition into civilian life.

DDMT was asked to donate funds to complete the funding for ten WIS service personnel to join the dig and was delighted to do so.  

Photo shows musket balls discovered earlier this month.

Waterloo Uncovered

Waterloo Uncovered is the brainchild of Major Charles Foinette, serving with the Coldstream Guards and former Coldstream officer and project co-ordinator, Mark Evans who has retired from service suffering from PTSD.

Mark spoke of the benefits of this project on 29th April:

"When I had PTSD, you're consumed, your mind is just, every day, every night, every waking, sleeping hour you're living in Afghanistan. And you just sometimes need something to switch that focus, and archaeology, because it's practical, because it's interesting and new and exciting, actually just getting here and just lifting some turf, going down with the trowel for a few hours of a day, it might just provide somebody with a little bit of space and that's what it does, has done for me." 

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