Boots at the Door - "Thank you DDMT" and Review

Boots at the Door, the theatre production in Plymouth, involving WIS veterans and families, to which DDMT donated over £3,000, has performed to critical acclaim.  Read all about it here!  We have been promised further feedback on the benefits to the veterans in early 2016 but until then here is a message recently received by Distribution Committee's Emily Brooke from Faith Collingwood, Community Projects Producer at the Theatre Royal Plymouth:

"I’d like to also thank you for the support of DDMT which has made the project possible and helped many Company members. It has certainly been successful, and a huge eye opener in terms of understanding of the military community."

"The BOOTS AT THE DOOR Production week went very well – thank you. It was an exciting yet challenging week – it is always a major transition, technically and performance wise, from the rehearsal room to stage (and particularly a scale of this size)! The Company worked really hard and despite the swift turnaround pulled off a super production. I feel confident in saying that those involved felt a real sense of ownership over the production and the stories told through it. The project has a had really positive impact upon those involved and for many the week was very emotional."

"The show was also very well received – met with a spontaneous standing ovation from entire audience every night. Many in the audience were moved by the stories, particularly those that involved issues surrounding PTSD."