18 July - Robbie Donaldson retires from Distribution Committee

At a Trustees meeting on 18 July it was anounced with sadness that Robbie Donaldson would be stepping down from the role of Chair of the Distribution Committee; a role he has fulfilled superbly since the Trust began in November 2010.  Matt Burrows and Anthony Dalzell led the Trustees in expressing heartfelt thanks to Robbie for all his work which has seen the distribution of over £400,000 from the Trust conscientiously targeted to giving vital support and encouragement to those servicemen and women who need it most.

Robbie was one of the founding Trustees of DDMT back in 2010 when he was a single man, not long out of the Army.  Now he has an Australian wife, two children and a job with increasing responsibilities.  He and his family plan to travel abroad at the end of the year and he takes with him much gratitude and respect for everything he has done for the Trust.  Needless to say, Robbie was assiduous in finding a replacement and it was with great pleasure that Matt welcomed Gordon MacGregor to fill Robbie's place.

Gordon, who joined the Distribution Committee over a year ago, took over as Chair at the beginning of July.  Gordon was in Dougie's platoon at Sandhurst and then joined the Royal Regiment of Scotland with Robbie.  In Robbie's words "between Dougie and I we made him the man he is today".  Gordon left the Army over a year ago and now works in London.  You will no doubt be hearing a lot more about him.