Thank you: Over £180,000 donated via Justgiving

Thank you to all our Fundraisers and donors who have donated via Justgiving.  A new facility on the site tells us how much has been raised since the start.  In the case of DDMT that is an astonishing £182,005.73.  Astonishing not just because it is a lot of money, but also because many of the events organised are not arranged using Justgiving.  So to all of you a massive THANK YOU and please keep up the good work. 

Our most recent Justgiving donations have been via the wedding list of Chris and Pip Abbott. Chris was a contemporary of Dougie's at Cothill and Radley, where he has fond memories of Dougie "on the rugby pitch making everyone else look rather slow". Pip is a nurse in the Royal Navy, and was part of the Defence Medical Services Diving Association whose expedition taking wounded servicemen to Sudan in 2015 received funding from DDMT.  A huge thank you to both of them for such an original and generous thought. 

Chris and Pip Abbott

If you would like to become a regular giver to DDMT you are invited to please fill out the Standing Order form.  Any amount, no matter how small, is enormously welcome.