WARpaint's Caroline de Peyrecave paints Invictus Games captain David Wiseman

Caroline de Peyrecave has released a photograph of the start of her powerful portrait of 6' 7" David Wiseman, the 2016 Invictus Games captain.  David is a phenomenal swimmer and athlete despite the Taliban bullet, which left him partially paralysed, still being lodged in his chest.  

David Wiseman joined the 1st Battalion The Yorkshire Regiment in December 2006 and served in Afghanistan in 2009 mentoring and training the less experienced soldiers of the Afghan Army.  He was involved in an incident in the town of Shin Kalay when Rogue Afghan National Police officers attacked their British mentors as they sat resting after a patrol.  David Wiseman's unit arrived to be met with a scene of utter carnage, five British soldiers had been killed and nine were seriously wounded.  Wiseman's unit fought heroically to evacuate the wounded and secure the station against waves of Taliban.  Two weeks later, still deeply affected by the scenes he had witnessed, he was shot on patrol.  He has written about his experience in a memoir: "Helmand to the Himalayas" but is now keen to look forward and is passionate about the role sport plays in recovery. "The (Invictus) Games are the epitome of everything I believe in.  Sport is a powerful vehicle for recovery and to be asked to be captain is a huge honour.  I'm very proud."

Caroline is raising funds for four millitary charities which aim to assist the recovery of wounded military personnel, by loaning portraits for a fee to offices and individuals through her WARpaint project.  DDMT is honoured to be one of these charities.   If you would like to lease this portrait or see others, details can be found by following the link to the WARpaint site.


Invictus Games swimmer