25 April 2017: Update from Fisher House, Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham

A sobering update from Justine Davy, the Head of Fundraising at Fisher House which is the home from home for military families when a service member needs treatment at Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham.  Thankfully the Thurlestone Room sponsored by DDMT last year has been appreciated fully.

"Even though we are not currently in conflict, Fisher House has seen an increase in the number of nights of accommodation provided by 25% over the last year."

"We have provided over 14,000 nights of accommodation since opening and see a constant stream of people from all areas of the UK Military who are stationed throughout the world.  The majority of these are still from Army families."

"The house continues to be well cared for and treated with great respect by the guests, in fact one visitor was taken aback when told that the house had been open for over 3 years due to how fresh and well-kept the house is."

Bedroom at Fisher House

DDMT sponsored Thurlestone Room at Fisher House