June 2017: Donation to HighGround Horticultural Therapy

The Trust is delighted to be funding two full weeks' horticultural therapy (as prescribed by the occupational therapist) to be delivered by HighGround to WIS veterans at Headley Court.

"HighGround offers Defence Medical Rehabilitation Centre (DMRC) patients a unique opportunity in providing a space beyond formal therapy to engage in a physical activity in an outside environment. Horticultural Therapy  is integrated into the patient’s individual rehabilitation programmes allowing them to participate in different aspects of horticulture, dependent on their physical limitations and particular gardening interest. Its benefits are well known, with evidence that it can improve both physical and psychological wellbeing." 

The Trust will be receiving feedback and photographs which will be shared on this website in due course.

 And a HUGE thank you to all our Fundraisers who make such donations possible.