July 2017: And another announcement from the Distribution Committee

June 2017: The Distribution Committee was delighted to be able to agree to the request from Canine Partners to fund the support service of a second dog; this time one that has already been partnered with an serviceman injured on duty with resulting neurological problems. 

The primary carer is the serviceman's wife.  She helps him transfer into and out of his chair, with washing, dressing, undressing and all domestic tasks.  Thanks to the presence of Talia, she has been able to return to work and her husband has been able to enjoy many elements of independence, not least reassurance when he has a fall, including collecting a blanket for warmth until assistance arrives.

The DDMT funding will provide support service for the lifetime of the partnership.  This includes a 24 hour hotline and in the first year 8 visits from one of the aftercare team.  Once everyone is happy that things are running smoothly, the visits are reduced to twice a year.  It is likely, in this partnership, that Talia's training will need to be topped  up.  She will need to learn new tasks and potentially learn to carry out tasks without a verbal cue.  This is why these aftercare visits are so important and why DDMT is so proud to be supporting this case.

Visit the website of Canine Partners to learn more about their incredible work