August 2017: More thanks from First Steps: "Made possible due to the generous donations ... such as those from DDMT!"

The DDMT was proud to donate £5000 a year for three years from 2015 to the First Steps programme of Walking with the Wounded.  This programme has proven success with veterans pysically or mentally affected by war in supporting and preparing them for work outside the military.  

We have recently received 2 updated First Steps Case Studies which can be found on our What We Do WWTW page:

"Not only are they more recent but they demonstrate the positive outcomes achieved by First Steps for the wounded, injured and sick (WIS) veterans that we support. Made possible due to the generous donations provided to the First Steps programme - such as those from the DDMT!"    (Kate Sylvester, Marketing Director, Walking with the Wounded)

The Trust was delighted to receive this quote from Doug having found employment in plumbing and heating.  He speaks for many: