August 2017: Purple Warriors Dragon boat team photograph and video

The DDMT has always been keen to support ways to enable injured veterans get out of their houses and into activities which will put the wind back into their hair.  Purple Warriors is a relatively new organisation which does just this through Dragon Boating.

The Charity aims "to use the power of the sport of dragon boating to inspire recovery, support rehabilitation and generate a wider understanding and respect for those who serve and have served with HM Forces" and is fully supported by the Military’s Battle Back programme.  Follow the link to a YouTube video to see more.

Early in 2017 DDMT provided £4,500 to cover veterans travel costs, British Dragon Boat Racing Association membership (mandatory for any person wishing to compete in national events in the UK and includes insurance), Club Membership, race clothing and event fees.  

Although not pertinent to the grant from DDMT a photograph of the Purple Warrior team racing in the 2017 Hong Kong International Dragon Boat Festival is shown below to illustrate what fun can be had through membership of clubs such as this.  Hopefully some of those introduced to the sport through the grant from DDMT will one day participate in something similar.

To read more about Purple Warriors please see their website for more information

Purple Warriors Hong Kong team