3-5 December: "Boots at the Door" Theatre Royal Plymouth "Armed Forces Project 2015"

"Boots at the Door" will be shown at the Theatre Royal Plymouth from 3-5 December. Do put the date in your diary and book your seat by following the link.

In May 2015 DDMT was proud to announce a donation to the Theatre Royal Plymouth to complete the part funding from the Royal British Legion for the Theatre's "Armed Forces Project 2015"

This project aims to follow the success of "The Two Worlds of Charlie F" and harness the process of theatre to support the recovery of WIS personnel in the area; the long term goals are to assist a smooth transition into a wider community, gain transferable skills and to make use of story sharing and creativity for enhanced wellbeing.

Theatre Royal Plymouth Armed Forces Project will tell the stories of real people, giving a voice to those previously unheard members of the community.  After writing, production and rehearsals are complete the performance will run for 3 nights in December 2015, opening with a Gala Performance, where tickets will be charged at a premium and funds raised to continue the legacy.

"The Two Worlds of Charlie F" was a project conducted by the British Legion's Theatre Welfare Company in partnership with the Theatre Royal, Haymarket. It was performed by serving and veteran soldiers and explored the effect of injury and its impact on others before, during and after.

A full evaluation by Leeds Metropolitan University found it had proven to have a restorative effect on those involved.  The production was awarded the prestigious Amnesty International Freedom of Expression in Theatre award. 

 “The success of the Two Worlds of Charlie F confirmed that there is a place for theatre in the recovery process of wounded injured and sick Service personnel. The Legion is relishing the opportunity to take the Bravo 22 Company concept into local communities and expand the offering to the wider Armed Forces family.” Carol Smith, Assistant Director of Operations, The Royal British Legion