Ongoing: WARpaint - Caroline de Peyrecave

Portrait Painter, Caroline de Peyrecave, was commissioned by the Coldstream Guards to paint Dougie's portrait in 2010. It now hangs in the Regiment's Officer's Mess.   

This stimulated an interest in Caroline for soldiers and their families suffering the effects of war and a desire to do something to support them.  She has since launched WARpaint, an initiative for which she has been painting a selection of life size, full length paintings of soldiers, representing conflicts in which the UK has been involved since the second world war. Many of Caroline's sitters find the process has given them a chance to reflect on what has happened to them.  Caroline focusses on the postive side of what sitters do now and the conversations engendered while painting flow into the character of the portraits.   

Smaller sketches, will form an exhibition in central London.  DDMT Chairman Matt Burrows is honoured to be on the WARpaint Committee.   

The full length portraits will subsequently be leased to companies and individuals, in return for a donation to four military charities of which DDMT is proud and honoured to be one.  

To lease a portrait for £5000 per month or £12,000 for one year or for other details please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and Caroline will be in touch.

The sketches will raise funds for four other military charities. 

We will keep you posted with news but in the meantime to find out more about Caroline and the WARpaint project please visit her site.


Dougie by Caroline de Peyrecave

Lt Dougie Dalzell MC - Portrait by Caroline de Peyrecave for the Coldstream Guards