Walking with the Wounded - First Steps and Home Straight

Two wonderfully uplifting case studies have been received from Walking with the Wounded in response to the cheque we sent them last week.  One about Anam who was discharged from the Army in 2012 having  suffered a lower back injury and a head injury resulting in him losing his sight in 2011.  Understandable despair and loss of confidence followed until Blind Veterans UK introduced him to JAWS, a software programme for the visually impaired, which has given him the confidence to take a computer course funded by First Steps.  Exams are due before Christmas but it was the support from Walking with the Wounded that gave him the confidence and determination to complete the course.

The other concerns Aidan who had served with the Household Cavalry for 6 years but  struggled after leaving. He ended up sofa surfing before becoming homeless and living in a tent until he was introduced to Walking with the Wounded.   Mental health issues are being addressed and have improved dramatically since he started the programme.  He is now engaging with others, making friends and building his ability to trust as he has grown with support.  He has spent time working on fundraising and construction programmes with Walking with the Wounded and is fully engaged with his Home Straight Employment Mentor to determine his future career path.

Thank you to all the wonderful DDMT fundraisers for helping us support charities like Walking with the Wounded who have so much specialist skill, vital to people like Aidan and Anam.