June 2019: DDMT Boat victorious in Monohull Three Peaks Yacht Race!!

Well what a week that was and that was just for us glued to the live feed as the competitors in the Three Peaks Yacht Race sailed and ran through every kind of weather.   How the DDMT team themselves felt as they pounded through wind and water its hard to imagine. Suffice to say they never faltered and despite everything thrown at them emerged VICTORIOUS at the end on Thursday. 

In undertaking this astonishing challenge Anthony Dalzell's nephew Tiffer Morris, his son Robert Morris and Tiffer's nephew Toby Thomas aided by the support van driven by Emily Falcke (nee Thomas) and not forgetting the intrepid runners Dan Ayers and Ben Zeman (read about them HERE )  raised £1,175.61 despite only starting fundraising days before the race.  Its not too late to add some more to their total by visiting their page here.  

Thanks for this terrific photo to Emily Falcke!  All at DDMT are so thrilled for you and very very grateful.