23 June 2019: Cork Ironman

So to the next Marathon and the Corked Ironmen, Tom and Will Willis, Jeremy Ward and Will Hudson who have raised over £8000 for their chosen charities of which DDMT is so proud and honoured to be one. Its not too late to donate HERE 

They too battled wind and weather to run and bike in Cork.  I have yet to hear from them but it looks as though the swim was pulled - curiously not unlike Barcelona last year.  Despite the event being just duathlon, when Alistair Brownlee, the Olympic champ and winner on the day, describes it as "a long hard day" you can imagine just how tough it was.

We cannot thank these guys enough.  Another round of distribution is planned soon so the money raised will go swiftly to help make life easier for for those men and women whose life has been changed for ever by war.  Here are the results:

Tom Willis