Flying for Heroes

Donation to Flying for Heroes: April 2014

Flying for Heroes (F4H) aims to provide pilot training scholarships for wounded services personnel and veterans. It launched in April 2014, with an initial eight student pilots. It is a not-for-profit enterprise with the intention of training these eight wounded soldiers to be sufficiently qualified to paraglide across northern Africa by September 2014.

Help for Heroes partnered F4H but as at the launch, another £75,000 was needed to ensure this could be an on-going venture. The Dougie Dalzell MC Memorial Trust is proud to have donated £15,000 towards F4H, as it sits firmly in the ‘adventure rehabilitation’ field to which The Trust has donated with such success in the past.

As the F4H application said "Initiatives like Flying for Heroes are invaluable in helping severely wounded service people regain their confidence and self-belief – by overcoming incredible odds to complete the expedition they will identify the inner strength required to challenge the perceptions of disability and live their lives to the full."

In addition "Flying for Heroes aims to create a legacy that inspires individuals, helping to create pathways for members of the team and other wounded personnel to gain employment in the aviation industry."   

To read more see their Facebook page and for a short video follow the F4H link


This unique, adventurous project seeks to give hope, courage and much needed funds to many seriously wounded service personnel and produce  military “Champions” to inspire those still battling the psychological damage from their injuries.