BattleBack Golf

Donation to Battleback Golf: September 2014

BattleBack is an adaptive sport and adventurous training programme for wounded, sick and injured personnel from across the Armed Forces.  Golf plays an integral part in the rehabilitation of injured Service personnel and competitive golf even more so delivering extraordinary physical and psychological benefits.

The Trust was approached through Adam Cocks for funding towards the 2014 Captain Pietsch Trophy, a Ryder Cup style tournament which sees 10 golfers from the British "BattleBack" initiative take on America's "Wounded Warriors" in a thrilling three day series of competitions in alternate years on different sides of the Atlantic.  These ten golfers will have been selected after a programme of 20 competitive fixtures to ensure the best team and full match readiness.

The Lt Dougie Dalzell MC Memorial Trust was delighted to be a sponsor for the 2014 Trophy which saw our Battle Back team thrash the Wounded Warriors at the magnificent Walton Heath Golf Club as part of ten days of comradeship throughout Britain culminating in an unforgettable visit to the Invictus Games closing ceremony.