Durham University - DDMT Scholarship

Donation to assist wife of injured veteran through Law Degree at Durham University: April 2015

DDMT is very proud to have committed £20,000 (£5000 a year for four years) to provide support for a Military Scholarship at Durham University to be known as the "Lt Dougie Dalzell Scholarship".  

The first recipient is the wife of a Marine who had served in Northern Ireland, Iraq, Kosovo and Afghanistan.

During his final tour of Afghanistan in 2009 this Marine was diagnosed with Chronic Exertional Compartment Syndrome in his lower limbs.  This syndrome is essentially muscle and nerve damage which causes pain, swelling and disability that can be permanent.  In 2014, after several years of attempted rehabilitation and much to his distress, he was medically discharged having served for 19 years. Understandably this came as a huge blow, both mentally as well as physically, and for the family it has led to economic uncertainty

His wife has decided to go to University to study Law to help support the family. The support of the scholarship will provide financial security during this difficult period of transition.

Former DDMT Chairman Andy Jennings said:

"We are delighted to be supporting such a worthy cause for our charity - our support will make a big difference to a deserving armed services family."

Broders, Steph and Joe P

 From L to R: Bruno von Dyck (Durham University),  James Broderick (DDMT Trustee), Steph (Law undergraduate) and Joe Parkin (DDMT Trustee) at a reception hosted by Durham to publicise and promote the Military Scholarship

Steph, who gave an impressive presentation at the recption above, has become part of St Cuthbert’s Society, one of Durham University’s oldest colleges.  St Cuthbert’s has an extensive military history and was re-founded in 1946 by veterans of the Second World War. 

The DDMT is conscious of how immensely difficult it can be for wounded soldiers to return to civilian life and of the enormous debt owed to those young men and women after their sacrifices.  An initiative such as this goes a long way to improve the lives of so many; not just the soldier but their families and friends.  Injury to one affects them all. 

In 2014 Private Tom Wilde successfully graduated with a degree in Theology. Private Wilde had been in Afghanistan with the Mercian Regiment when an explosion shattered his leg. 

Private Tom Wilde said “I thought my life was over but a Scholarship at Durham University has transformed my life".  The Trust hopes that the same will be said by Steph and her family in the years to come.

In 2018 Steph ran a number of Marathons to raise money and awareness of DDMT.  She wrote on her fundraising page:

When my husband was medically discharged from the Royal Marines after 18 years service, it was difficult to look positively towards the future.

The DDMT offered us hope.

By providing me with the opportunity to pursue a degree at university, I not only gained the tools to provide a future for my family, but also the inspiration to achieve things that I never thought possible - being only the second person in my family to go to university really has changed our lives.

I will therefore be eternally grateful for the support my family and I have received from the DDMT, and from the Trustees themselves. They are a fantastic charity who continue to make a real difference to veterans, their families and the armed forces community as a whole - a cause well worthy of our support.