Canine Partners

Donaton to Canine Partners to train puppy: July 2015 and July 2017

In 2015 Canine Partners approached the Trust asking for a donation of £10,000 to fully train a dog ready to be partnered with an ex-service individual.  The Trustees were delighted to fund the initial training (£10,000).

Since then DDMT are thrilled to learn that the puppy, Judy, has been successfully partnered with an RAF veteran called Christopher, who uses a wheelchair for the majority of the time following a spinal injury.  Judy has settled in well and is giving Christopher valuable support.  

In July 2017 DDMT were proud to fund the ongoing training of a canine partner called Talia coupled with a medically discharged veteran suffering from neurological problems following an injury to the head.  The training will last for the natural life of the partnership both to ensure the partnership coninues to work and for additional training to Talia as the need arises.


Christopher and Judy


Dogs are trained to help with tasks such as retrieving prosthetic limbs and breathing apparatus, fetching the phone, pressing buttons and switches, posting letters, putting footplates down on a wheelchair, retrieving a walking stick, helping someone get dressed plus much more.  They also offer emotional support and companionship, confidence and security.

Canine Partners has been working with the Armed Forces for over 10 years and have a vast amount of experience of working with veterans, having 19 servicemen and women benefitting from their dogs.