Waterloo Uncovered - Archaeology experience for WIS

Waterloo Uncovered. Funding for veterans to take part in an archeology dig at Waterloo: August 2015, June 2017 and June 2019.

Waterloo Uncovered is a groundbreaking organisation that combines top international archaeology with soldier and veteran support and recovery.  The brainchild of two soldiers from the Coldstream Guards, a regiment that played a vital role in the battle, the project kicked off in 2015 to coincide with the 200th anniversary of the famous battle.  DDMT was proud to support ten soldiers who otherwise would not have sufficient resources to take advantage of this unique experience.

 The objectives of the project are:

1) To conduct a large scale multiyear professional archaeological excavation of the Waterloo battlefield and produce results that are beneficial to academia and the international public (through open source publication on and off-line, museum installations and touring educational events). 

 2) To include serving soldiers and veterans, injured and able (although the focus of the project is on helping injured veterans) in the project team, providing them with vocational and educational opportunities, as well as recovery support where appropriate.

Very little work of this kind had been undertaken up to now but early in 2015 ground was broken in a former wood that dominated the French Army's approach to the Hougoumont farm buildings which were defended by Regiments including the Coldstream Guards.

Do watch a video of Time Travel's Phil Harding and Ben Hilton (supported by DDMT) talking about the benefits of the work at Waterloo Uncovered and read about the Waterloo Uncovered story in this pdf.  For more information on the project and its results visit www.waterloouncovered.com

Supported by, amongst others, the MoD the Belgian Government and universities from Belgium, Holland, France and the UK, the project is expected to run for as many as 10 years. During this time, as well as helping solders and veterans, the project will produce important new information about one of the worlds most famous battles, for the benefit of academia and the general public.