Music in Hospitals

Donation for concerts in ex-Service Care Homes by Music in Hospitals: June 2016

Music in Hospitals (MiH) was established in 1948 to provide the therepeutic benefits of professionally performed music to sick and disabled people in healthcare. 

They are aiming to provide more live concerts in ex-service care homes and are currrently running a programme part-funded by the ABF - Soldiers' Charity.  However this is limited by virtue of funding.

Olivia Dalzell worked with Colonel Steve Rowland-Jones, Chief Executive of MiH to identify a home and project with the result that DDMT will provide £2,000 for six concerts from July to September for the residents of the Royal Star and Garter Home in Solihull.

The Trust is thrilled to be donating funds to such a worthy cause having been very impressed by both the Impact Report and the work carried out.

Music in Hospitals Star and Garter concert

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