Veterans for Wildlife

Veterans4Wildlife logoDonation to Veterans for Wildlife:  July 2018: first half donation - February 2019 - final donation 

The purpose of the Veterans for Wildlife (V4W), Footprints of Hope Wellness Programme is to address the identified need ‘to provide Veterans in crisis with person-centered initial and lifetime support in order for them to take control of their problems, improve their psychological and physical wellbeing and combat isolation’.

Sarah Dennis, Grant Manager writes: "V4W is an international charity committed to the protection of wildlife and the world’s critically endangered species. By deploying highly skilled and experienced former service personnel, V4W aims to play a key role in conservation and the prevention of wildlife crime. As a people-focused organisation, V4W have two primary objectives:

  1. Supporting conservation entities and rangers at grass root levels; and
  2. The empowerment and development of veterans.

By facilitating critical capacity-building programmes, V4W aims to develop the skill-set and operational effectiveness of anti-poaching rangers. These programmes offer a unique opportunity for veterans, transitioning into civilian life, to continue to make a positive impact on society."

DDMT's donation will  support a  veteran to partake in a therapeutic two week placement in South Africa.  This will consist of a unique, fully immersive and ongoing programme, combining mentoring, Traumatic Incident Management, stress management, therapeutic art, Yoga Nidra and, crucially, Animal Assisted Therapy.

The charity consists of a great bunch of people, working with South African game rangers to protect the wildlife of the region. Our veteran (who will have recent front line experience) will be chosen in consultation with the Distribution Committee but the process is facilitated by Veterans of Hope who have a pool of suitable candidates. We are very excited at this donation which will take place in 2019. 

Veterans for Wildlife