The Poppy Factory

Donation to The Poppy Factory - June 2019

The Poppy Factory is a national charity supporting veterans with physical or mental health challenges into meaningful, sustainable employment in their local community.  

Recognised as having the expertise to help veterans with the most complex barriers to employment, the organisation is unique in supporting them in their own communities. This approach has been cited as an example of best practice which works closely with other military charities, receiving many referrals from organisations including the Royal British Legion and Combat Stress. This year at least 310 veterans will be supported by them into meaningful civilian careers. 

The Poppy Factory has just received the Soldiering On Awards Healthcare & Rehabilitation Award which recognises both the efforts of their highly dedicated team as well as the success of every veteran we have supported into a new job or career.

Demand for their service has increased significantly over the last two years.  

The Lt Dougie Dalzell MC Memorial Trust was delighted to make a grant of £5000 to enable them to continue offering our veterans the level of service they deserve.