Donation to medically discharged veteran to enable him to complete his course of flight training with Aerobility - June 2019

Aerobility is a fantastic charity which offers disabled people the opportunity to fly at every level from their base at Blackbushe Airport.  Some of their trainees are medically discharged military and Liz Wood, the Aerobility Military Rep contacted DDMT to see if the Trust could help with financing any of these.  This led to a team up with Royal Marine Simon Skipp, due to be medically discharged later this year on account of his injuries and needing 20 more hours to complete his flight training. 

DDMT was delighted to help.  This opportunity will enable him to gain his Private Pilot's Licence and give him an extra qualification which can only be a plus in his search for new employment. When he heard the news Simon wrote:

"Thank you so much, that is fantastic news and it is very much appreciated. It really is an amazing life changing opportunity for me."
The DDMT wish Simon and Aerobility every success for the future.