Bike Tours for the Wounded

Funding for injured veterans to ride the US West coast with Bike Tours for the Wounded: June 2012, July 2013, July 2014 and September 2015

Bike Tours for the Wounded is a community interest company run by Darren Clover, an ex-serviceman and a motorcycle enthusiast.

Darren has set out to assist wounded soldiers, both British and American, by organising motorcycle tours including Route 66, (that legendary road which runs through California, Arizona and Nevada) and along the Pacific Coast Highway.  The tours allow injured servicemen to travel the Pacific Coast Highway route; riding pillion to an experienced rider on a Harley Davidson, for seven days of fun, freedom, visits  and wind in their faces.  DDMT has sponsored groups of veterans in recent years to take part in these tours. Read more in a Blog written by "Daz" (sponsored by Help for Heroes).

Darren has contacted DDMT to say how grateful he is to the Trust for supporting those servicemen with life- changing injuries who for one reason or another struggle to find funding elsewhere.


Ben Hilton Grand Canyon


LCpl Hilton (who lost both his legs when Sgt Amer, Dougie’s Platoon Sergeant, was killed when he stepped on an IED carrying LCpl Hilton on the stretcher).

Gdsm Anderson, No 3 Company on Operation Herrick 11

Sgt Clyde (who was also carrying the stretcher when Sgt Amer was killed and suffered severe shrapnel wounds to the back of his legs, back and arms. He is being medically discharged from the Army as a result of his injuries).

LCpl Hilton had the following to say after the trip:
"The trip was the kind of trip that would be easy for a non-injured person to go on, i.e fly over, book any old room and jump on the back of a motor bike. But being in a wheelchair there is no chance of doing this alone. Not all hotels are wheelchair friendly and once on the back of a motor bike what to do with the wheelchair.  The trip was not only a great opportunity to meet up with other injured troops but in a great enviroment which would not have been possible without the back up and careful booking of the Route 66 team."

Another beneficiary has written (2015)

"I'm writing to say thank you and how much I appreciate the funding that was provided for my flights to Route 66. Recently I flew to the states with Bike tours for the Wounded , which was an amazing adventure. I can't put into words how grateful I was to hear the charity had agreed to help me. I have struggled the last 2yrs with my diagnosis of MS. It's been a hard road for me and my partner. I was medically discharged at med board on my return, and this was a great way to finish my career. It boosted my confidence and has given me a wider appreciation of what I can achieve. 

Again I thank your efforts and deeply appreciate the funding."