Horseback UK

Donations to Horseback UK for kitchen and indoor riding school: August 2012 and December 2013

Another significant donation to HorseBack UK allowed work on an indoor school to go ahead in 2014.  Now up and running we have received the following photos.

Horseback school

Horseback UK is a charity which was created to provide a safe and secure environment to aid those serving, or those who have served in the UK armed forces.  Robbie visited them in Aberdeenshire in the early days of DDMT, having heard about the remarkable effect they had been having on wounded personnel with their courses.  A subsequent donation made possible the conversion of part of a steading to provide somewhere to produce hot meals and drinks.  This was named the "Dougie Dalzell kitchen" and a plaque was installed in the summer of 2013.


Work begins ...Dougie Dalzell kitchen

A "before" and "after" shot of the Dougie Dalzell kitchen. 

The kitchen facility allows Horseback to cater for their ever expanding attendance, as well as provide excellent lunches for recently introduced Corporate days.  These will help them generate their own funds, and reduce their reliance on donations. 

Many servicemen have suffered physical injury and/or acute stress as a result of their commitment to their country. Whilst combining western horsemanship, rural skills and adventure training, HorseBack UK endeavours to integrate serving personnel and veterans into the rural community, inspiring a meaningful and rewarding future.  Anthony and Colette Dalzell visited Horseback in July and were hugely impressed with everything they saw.

With most of the building work now completed there was one part of the jigsaw missing.  In 2013 the weather was extremely kind  and there were only a couple of weeks in which courses had to be amended due to adverse conditions.  2012 was not so good and many of the courses had to be rescheduled. Horseback's ultimate dream  was always to have an indoor arena.  This would allow courses to continue whatever the weather as well as allowing the course season to run for longer thus helping more people. 

Tack Room

Jock with ponies in field










In November 2013 DDMT were very pleased to be able to offer a second donation of £20,000 to cover the gap in funding needed to build an indoor arena. Horseback UK have said this is "fantastic news". We will report more news when we have it.

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